Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Ceiling Fan – Best Price, Manual, Reviews

There are two reasons why you are here, whether you want to purchase this model or you already have Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes ceiling fan, or in rare cases, you might be having problems with it in terms of installation or it is not working properly. We have done a lot of research to provide information in this article for you so you can get help and find the answers of your questions, for example, where to get the best price deal for Platinum Portes ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze.

The Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Ceiling Fan is only available at Lowes.com at $189 when I am writing it, however, it is currently available in aged bronze finish as other finishes have been discontinued by Lowes.

This article will help you to find out why other finishes have been discontinued with everything you need to know about Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes fan.

Where To Get The Best Price Deal – We Did a Comparison of different Sellers

We did research on several places in order to find the best suitable price for the Platinum Portes ceiling fan, however, we found out that most sellers and stores have discontinued this model or they no longer have a stock of it.

The only place the unit was available for sale was on Lowes.com website and we also could not find any other finishes than the Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Aged Bronze 52 inch Ceiling Fan finish. All other finishes were not available and no longer sold.

If you are looking for another finish including Matte White or Brushed Nickel you may have do a regular search on eBay or Craigslist to find a second hand model.

However, we wanted to know why these finishes are no longer available for sale so we contacted the manufacturer Litex Industries to ask them. If you want to learn how to contact the manufacturer, you can read our articles on Harbor Breeze Customer Service and Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts.

First of all, you need to know that Litex Industries are wholesalers that is why they do not sell it to general public, except if you need replacement parts. However, they will answer your queries that you may have related to your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Before calling them, make sure to have your ceiling fan’s model number in hand. They suggested trying Amazon to contact Sellers of Harbor Breeze including Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans.

When we called them, they told us why the Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes ceiling fan is no longer available is because it was probably replaced by a newer model. This may have happened because of problems in the original model including poor construction and engineering resulting in brackets breaking that hold the fan blades to the motor after two or three years.

We have discussed a lot of accessories in this post: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans & Accessories. You can read it to find out which are the top ones available.

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Ceiling Fan Feature/Finishes

This fan is available in two finishes for now to improve your indoor decoration. The table will give you an idea of the different finishes that are available in Platinum Portes collection.

ItemHousing Finishes/CollectionModel NumberItem NumberBlade FinishesAvailability
Check the Ceiling Fan HereHarbor Breeze Platinum Portes 52-in Aged BronzeLP8293LAZ464465Reversible, Java/latteIn Stock $189
Check the Ceiling Fan HereHarbor Breeze Platinum Portes 52-in Matte WhiteLP8293SLMW877486Matte WhiteCurrently not available
Check out the Ceiling Fan HereHarbor Breeze Platinum Portes 52-in Brushed NickelLP8293LBN451821Reversible
Lowes no longer sells it

As you may have seen the above table in which there are two portes ceiling fan model that offer reversible blades.

To check out the specifications and features of Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes, check the table below. This way you will be able to find out if this is an ideal fan for you.

Video Showing The Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes 52-inch Ceiling Fan in Action

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Specifications

Fan Blade5
BladeReversible blade color aside from matte white
Fan Diameter52 inches
Light KitIntegrated, comes with the package
Remote ControlHandheld, comes with the package
Mounting OptionsDownrod, can be angle mounted
Motor TypeDC
Room SizeSupports up to 400 sq ft
Bulb Number1
Light Bulb Type(E-11) Mini candelabra base
Light Bulb ShapeT4
Bulb TypeHalogen
Shade ComponentGlass
Style of GlassOpal
Bulb Wattage100 (maximum)
WarrantyLimited lifetime

The above table shows that this fan will be used in a large room. You can use it in your living room, dining room, or master bedroom. This model can also be used in offices or in any commercial buildings.

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Manual

Mostly the manual comes within the package box, but sometimes you can either lose it or misplace it and look for a copy to read it. The good news is that you can get the manual from the given link below. You can download a PDF copy of the Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes manual.

Download the Harbor Breeze Platinum 52in Age-Bronzed Ceiling Fan Manual Here

Download the Harbor Breeze Platinum 52in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual Here

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Replacement Parts

To get replacement parts for Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes ceiling fan, you have to contact the manufacturer. If you do not know the process and are not sure who to contact please check out our article on How to Contact Harbor Breeze Customer Service to get detailed instructions and process on calling Harbor Breeze customer support.

Before contacting customer service, you need to follow a similar process of getting a model number in hand like other ceiling fan brands. The model number of your ceiling fan will be found on the receipt, user manual or shipping box.

When you contact them, you will tell them that you need Harbor Breeze lp8293 parts as it is the model number of the fan.

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Remote Control Troubleshooting

Here are some practical steps you need to take in order to fix your Harbor Breeze Portes fan remote control:

  1. Check the batteries- This is one of the major reasons why the remote is not responding to the fan it is either a lack of battery power or the battery is totally dead. Sometimes the only way to fix it is to change the battery and it will start working again.
  2. Replace the battery and try to pair the remote control to the receiver.
  3. Check the indicator light- Some remote controls contain an indicator light that can help you determine if the remote is working or not since the light will no longer show.

You can also read our post on Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working to get a complete troubleshooting tips on what to do if your harbor breeze remote control is not working.

Here are some main features of the remote control of Platinum Portes ceiling fan including Pros and Cons.


  • 6 fan speed levels
  • It has sleep mode
  • Dimming light feature is available
  • Handheld
  • Reversible feature, Winter/Summer Modes as per requirement

After doing research, I have found some main issues that you may get from the Portes Ceiling fan remote control. Here are some cons that you need to know before you make your mind to buy this model.


  • You may have to press the button 2-3 times before it works. Sometimes it performs very well but sometimes it doesn’t work at all.
  • Remote may come with an LED light that drain the battery
  • After 1 week, the remote will be unsynchronized itself

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Fan Customer Reviews

Here are some notable pros and cons that are pointed out by the customers of Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes ceiling fan collection.

Product FeaturePrice tag

The average rating of this ceiling fan is 3.5 out of 5 stars, and only 51% of the customers are recommending it.

Most of the customers really like the appearance of the fan, due to its stunning looks, you cannot stop yourself from appreciating it, it can work well with classic or modern designs.

Apart from its designs, the features of the product are reasonable keeping in view its price, sleep mode timer helps you to turn off the fan whenever you want. Furthermore, the 6 speed levels enable you to select the exact amount of air for you.

There is one downside of this model which is its remote-only operation. It can be hard for a mother to use it as she might misplace it or the kids can break it which can cause the ceiling fan to stuck and cannot be used.

Here is a quotation from a customer who was concerned with the halogen bulb that it is not energy-efficient, and cannot be replaced:

“I don’t like the light bulb. Was expecting either something energy-efficient or bulb that could be changed to more energy-efficient. This fan has a small high-power bulb that probably can’t be replaced with anything but the same bulb and will be hard to find.”

Harbor Breeze Platinum Portes Ceiling Fan’s Most Asked Question

How to Change the light bulb once it’s installed?

Slightly lift the lens and remove it and turn it until it comes out in your hands. After doing so, remove the old bulb and install the new one. Reverse the procedure with the lens and you are done.

It is an easy task to do with this model, with one caveat. The removal of the lens can be a straightforward process as it can be done by slightly lifting it and turning it until it drops in your hand. After doing so, you need to remove the old bulb by unscrewing it and then install the new one. Reverse the procedure with the lens and you have completed it.

One important point to keep in mind is that this bulb must not be touched directly with your hand because the oil available on your skin will reduce the life of the bulb. I use nitrile gloves in order to do that but you can also use a simple tissue to avoid direct contact and handle the bulb easily.

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