Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Reviews

Now every homeowner gives preference to ceiling fans and these days, they are like a statement. Your place cannot be completed without installing a beautiful ceiling fan. Whenever we talk about stylish ceiling fans, Harbor Breeze is the brand that comes to our minds. The quality fans are available at a reasonable price. So we are going to highlight the best harbor breeze ceiling fans with lights to add beauty and elegance to your home décor.

Before we get started with the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan reviews, let us know about the brand. Harbor Breeze is a brand of Lowes and the replacement parts of this company are manufactured by Litex industries. They design high-quality products and provide them at a lower price. Most of the ceiling fan units of this company are energy certified. It may cost you a bit in the beginning, in the long run, these units will surely save money.

Installing a harbor breeze ceiling fan will help you to add a stylish look to your space, we have listed the best products that will definitely add cooling experience along with lighting kit to brighten up your room.

1. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

Harbor Breeze Mazon is a brushed nickel flush mount ceiling fan that can replace your old ceiling fan unit. The unit is a flush mount which is why it does not have a downrod. This design can match a number of contemporary and modern places. In addition, the size of the blades is 44-inches that is ideal to provide airflow in small rooms. You can install this unit in the dining, kitchen or office that has a size of 100 sq feet. Despite its small size, the motor of the fan offers powerful airflow.

This harbor breeze ceiling fan with lights comes with a highest speed airflow of 4545 CFM. It features 3 different speed setting that you can change with ease using a remote control settings. The handheld remote control is makes it convenient for you to operate the fan and lighting anywhere in the room. Mazon ceiling fan comes with an integrated light of 18 watt LED module. The light is sufficient for the small or low ceiling rooms.

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Main Features:

  • 44-inch blade span
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • 18-watt led lighting fixture
  • Generates airflow of 4545 max CFM
  • Flush mount installation without downrod
  • Handheld remote control
  • Frosted glass bowl
  • Limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer

2. Harbor Breeze Lynstead 52-inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

If you are looking for a traditional ceiling fan to attract your visitors, Harbor Breeze Lynstead ceiling fan is an ideal choice to consider. This Lynstead ceiling fan matches the traditional interiors with ease. furthermore, it has an oil rubbed bronze finish that emits beauty and the motor housing is also beautiful. That makes one of the best Harbor Breeze outdoor ceiling fans in traditional styles.

Lynstead fan is available in hugger style that makes it perfect for low ceilings. The pull chains are available to control the speed and turn on/off the lights. The motor is also quiet and does not make a noise. Furthermore, it does not create any annoying sound even at its highest speeds. To generate an airflow of optimum level, it is available in 3-speed settings. The unit does not consume much electricity that is why it is energy certified. So this unit is an ideal choice when you want to enjoy the cool air during the hot days of summer without making a big hole in your pocket.

Main Features of Lynstead Fan:

  • 52-inch blade diameter
  • 5 reversible blades
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Deliver 4443 CFM airflow
  • Designed with quiet-motor technology
  • 2 led bulbs
  • Energy-star certified to save energy cost
  • Pull chain switches to control speed

3. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan
  • Award winning double fan ceiling fan displays outstanding beauty with lifetime of durability. This industry recognized name brand fan is built for looks and to last. This stunning and newly updated model has even more durable material and powerful quiet motor technology.
  • 6 brown wicker blades make it easy to change styles without purchasing new blades. Oil-rubbed bronze finish provides a sleek appearance
  • Light kit with frosted glass shades creates a bright glow. 4-in L downrod included

People love to enjoy themselves outdoors but none of them want to sit outside and get wet in sweat on summer days. Therefore, the best way to deal with sweating is to make sure the proper circulation of air and this can be done by installing an outdoor ceiling fan. So this is the right option to consider and it has a unique design. Installation of this outdoor ceiling fan in your outdoor area will result in a lot of compliments. It is available in oil rubbed bronze finish that goes side by side with a number of decors. It features 6 brown wicker blades to simply add a touch of style.

This Harbor Breeze outdoor ceiling fan does not contain a single motor, it comes with a dual motor. So it is a double ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze that comes with 3 blades on each of the motor. In addition, it has a light bowl in the center of the unit and both fans are connected via horizontal rod. Additionally, an addition of 4-inch downrod enables it to install it on high ceilings with ease. this large size unit from this brand is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoors with a space of 400 sq ft. It has two candelabra bulbs of 60 watts to offer comfortable surroundings when you enjoy the night.

Main Features:

  • A dual ceiling fan with 74-inch blade dimensions
  • 6 reversible blades
  • 3 reverse air flow speed settings
  • Frosted glass bowl
  • Generates airflow of 4450 CFM
  • Two 60-watt incandescent bulbs
  • Pull chain switch control

4. Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

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Harbor Breeze Armitage ceiling fan comes with LED lights and it can be installed in large rooms. This Harbor Breeze ceiling fan lights are easily adaptable with the light color rooms. If the simple white color does not amaze you or fed up with this color then reverse the blades to get a different look. This unit also features reversible blades like other ceiling fan units from Harbor Breeze. But the unique feature of this unit is, that it comes in a single color. It has a white color on the blades to match with ease with a number of home styles.

This unit has a globe-style light bowl to shower lights brightly. In addition, it also supports the LED lights to illuminate the place with less energy cost. However, this unit is not compatible with remote control or Wi-Fi. The pull chain feature can be used to switch the speed and turn on/off the lights. It is not the most expensive unit but still, it works very well, It is replete with all the basic features of a ceiling fan such as light to consider this unit.

Main Features:

  • 52-inch blades to be fit in large rooms of 400 square feet
  • 5 reversible blades
  • 6.5 watt led bulb
  • 3 motor speed
  • Reverse air flow
  • Deliver airflow of 1420 CFM
  • Pull chain switch style to control settings
  • Alabaster glass light kit
  • Lifetime motor warranty

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5. Harbor Breeze Merrimack II Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

Harbor Breeze Merrimack II 52-in Matte Bronze LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit...
  • Seeded Glass Shade
  • Reversible Fan Blade (Brown on one side / Bronze on the other side)
  • LED Light Fixture with Bulbs Included

It is another Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with a light kit and it is not only an indoor but outdoor ceiling fan too. It has a quiet motor and even on its highest settings, you will hardly notice any noise. This model by Harbor Breeze is replete with features. Apart from its quiet working, it has an attractive design, The style of the ceiling fan makes it perfect for the living room, bedroom and dining room.

Apart from its beautiful design, it has an integrated light kit with a clear glass shade to shower the bright light. The light kit is caged with a clear glass globe and it uses 3 dimmable LED light bulbs. This Harbor Breeze Merrimack II ceiling fan comes with driftwood and auburn blades which are five in number. In a nutshell, it is a stylish, beautiful and durable unit that is long-lasting.

Main Features:

  • 52-inch blade span
  • 5 reversible blades
  • Matte Bronze finish
  • 4-inch downrod is also included
  • Delivers the airflow of 3800 CFM
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty

To download the manual, check out this post on Harbor Breeze Merrimack Ceiling Fan.

Buyer’s Guide

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Replacement Parts

Every ceiling fan has its own additional accessories, there are some models that sell these accessories separately. If you are an old user, with your experience, you can get a unit that has all the basic accessories right? And by accessories we mean, a light kit with bulb or two types of a mounting system. Or you can purchase the ceiling fan and purchase them on our website.


The airflow capacity of a fan depends on the number of blades, it becomes an easy task to determine the airflow. Furthermore, the size of the blades is also a concern in this regard. A ceiling fan with 4 or 5 blades will deliver cooler air as compared with a 3 blade ceiling fan. But the unit of 3 blades will be light in weight as compared with 4-6 blades ceiling fan.

Select the best ceiling fan unit keeping in view the size and ventilation of your room. A room with good ventilation may need a high power motor for it whereas if your room has a low ventilation, you will consider having a ceiling fan with more blades and powerful but quiet motor.

The shape of the blades is another point to consider, there should be a perfect balance between the fan size and the blades to get optimum results. It will not wobble and will not generate annoying noise.

Light Bulbs

A ceiling fan with lights is ideal for those rooms where you need to add a fixture to provide air and light as well. This type of fan serves two purposes that is why people are considering such units now. There are three types of lights that can be used in ceiling fans including candelabra bulbs, LED bulbs and Fluorescent bulbs and it is necessary to understand which type of light will be perfect for your room.

For instance, if you need a ceiling fan in a study room, definitely, you will select a Harbor breeze ceiling fan with brighter lights or more number of lights or that supports high watt bulbs. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans with LED lights can also provide bright lighting to space. If you want to experience the warmth, you can get a low watt bulb for it.


A capacitor is installed to change the speed of a ceiling fan. The main purpose of this tool is to rotate the fan at different speeds by winding start switching and insert them into phases.

What are the Signs of Bad Capacitor in a Fan?

  • The ceiling fan motor turns and hums freely by hand but will not spin
  • The most common one is, it slows down the speed of the fan
  • Your ceiling fan runs slowly regardless of the speed mode you are using
  • It causes speed issue only on certain speed modes

Remote Control

If your ceiling fan is too high that you cannot reach the pull chains or you do not want to move, get a remote control. Whether you want a harbor breeze ceiling fan with remote or without a remote, keep it in mind before purchasing a fan to ensure you are getting what you need. Harbor breeze universal ceiling fan remote can also be used with those units that do not have a remote included. The remote control enables you to change settings from anywhere in the room, you remain in your comfort zone. You can change the speed settings, dim the lights or simply turn off/on the fan with this tool.

Installation and User Manual

If you want to install a ceiling fan by yourself to save that money you are going to spend on a electrician, you can consider using a user manual that comes with the package for the installation process.

Note: Be careful and turn off the main power supply of your house before you get into any electric activity.

Follow the step-by-step instructions available in Harbor Breeze manuals, the assembling will be also easy.

Final Words

By reading these Harbor Breeze ceiling fan reviews, you can say that they can be a beautiful addition to your home to provide optimum airflow. Harbor Breeze fans are famous for their quality fans and they are available at a reasonable price. They equip their units with all the advanced features including light kits, remote control, and eye-catching design etc. To enjoy the cool breeze along with lights from Harbor Breeze, order one of the above units.

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