Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan 42 & 52 inch – Review, Manual & Price

Harbor Breeze 52-inch Armitage is a low-profile ceiling fan that has an attractive classic look. If you are going to buy it for the first time, you might be curious to know why it has a low cost and you will be doubtful about its reliability, however, a lot of users consider it reliable in terms of performance. If you are looking for a manual for your 42 inch model, you can get it below.

The Harbor Breeze 52-inch Armitage Ceiling Fan is a traditional style model that you can get from Lowes at $59.98 and at $64.90 on AmazonIt is rated for indoors and it is made to be mounted directly to the ceiling. It is a perfect option for a large bedroom of up to 400 sq meters and it comes in four different housing finishes, it also has 5 reversible blade finish to help you with a wide range of choices that are useful for your indoor decorations.

In this article, I have discussed the pros and cons of Armitage ceiling fans by Harbor Breeze. The manual is also available that is downloadable. We have also added some suggestions to help you when you get any issues related to this model..

Harbor Breeze Armitage Features and Finishes

The Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-inch is designed in four housing finishes and 5 reversible blades which can be seen below. The housing finishes give rise to the blade finishes in order to attract the viewers.

As I already mentioned in the beginning the Harbor Breeze Armitage ceiling fan is a hugger ceiling fan so this will not be a good choice if you have a high ceiling. Its price is also reasonable which is why many users were able to finalize it. As we know when the cost is less some options can be removed.

One of the cool things about Armitage ceiling fan is that most users consider it due to its simplicity, and the pull chain control that has 3-speed settings. the reversible button is available on the top of the light bulb that you can push down during the hot days and up during the cold days for warm airflow. Armitage ceiling fan contains a frosted LED bulb that comes with dimmable feature, which ensures energy efficiency.

Here are more features of the Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-inch ceiling fan:

  • Traditional design that will be ideal for most indoor decoration
  • Pull chains can be used easily
  • Three-speed settings to make the adjustments
  • the light kit that can be switched on/off
  • A dimmable LED light bulb to save energy
  • A range of options in terms of housing finish/color
  • 5 reversible blades
  • Ideal for regular to big rooms or offices up to 400 sq ft

Now let’s have a look at cons of this ceiling fan. If you are looking for a high-tech fan, this model will not be the right option for you, it is without a remote control, it is not compatible with a Wifi, it does not support BlueTooth or smart things, it does not respond to Amazon alexa and google assistant or any other high tech features which are available in costly fans. But when you look at the price tag, you will find it logical that those features will not be added to it.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that contains high tech or smart features in it that I have mentioned try to check other models from the same brand on our category page on Harbor Breeze.

The Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling fan also has a smaller 42 inch size that is designed for smaller rooms. While I was doing my research, I found that 42-inch size is available in white housing only that has 4 reversible blades in a white or blonde finish.

To check its features, you can view the video below and also see it in action.

Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

If you have this model and you need a replacement part for it, I have added the model number and item number of different models that you may own. This information is necessary when you contact a customer support representative to get help from them or continue the transaction.

91554341391Brushed NickelCocoa and Toffee
275898342480Matte BlackBlack and Cocoa
113311341690BronzeCocoa and Toffee
80742642600WhiteWhite and Washed Oak

To get detailed advice, you can read my article on How Do I Contact Harbor Breeze Customer Service if you want to call Harbor Breeze customer support of Harbor Breeze Manufacturer.

You may know that Harbor Breeze does have a universal remote control and you can use it to make it compatible with the remote. To get more help on Replacement Parts please go through this post on: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts.

Does Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Make Noise?

The Armitage ceiling fan will not make noise if it is properly installed. It can be irritating if your ceiling fan is noisy but it also tells you that something is wrong. But the best part is it is easy to fix a noisy ceiling fan. Here are some useful tips that you can use when your ceiling fan is noisy.

  1. Assemble and attach the blades to the fan firmly.
  2. Check if there is a need of lubrication, this is applied to a ceiling fan that has been running good for a good amount of time and then suddenly starts making noise.
  3. Check the troubleshooting steps in the manual.
  4. You have to ensure that it has been installed correctly- in some cases, noisy ceiling fans can be an indication of loose screws, and may just need tightening. If the noise is not fixed even if you have installed it properly again you may have to contact customer service.

For more information, you can watch the video below on how to install Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan.

Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-inch Installation

Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Globe

The Armitage ceiling fan Glass Globe is only replaceable for the Armitage 52-in ceiling fan. The globe has a nice twist on its design and it is easy to install.

Some of the features of the Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Globe are:

  • White frosted glass
  • Easy to twist on glass shade
  • The item number is 807426
  • Designed for Interior use only
  • Easy to install

However, we found out that some users of this globe replacement point out that the globe was within a millimeter or so of a tight fit. Even though it looked almost the same as the original, it was supposed to change, the globe was too small to fit into the opening properly.

Another issue with the globe of the ceiling fan is that it is not designed with shatterproof glass, so if it gets loose and falls, the glass will be broken into smaller pieces. It would be perfect if it was designed with a safety screw or latch in order to prevent it from falling in case it gets loose.

When I am writing this article, the price of a replacement globe is around $30 on eBay and Lowes and Amazon has it at around $8.98

How Can I Change the Bulb of my Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan?

You will have to install a standardbase 6.5-watt LED lightbulb as a replacement or you can also use an incandescent/CF/halogen equivalent, up to 60 watts.

Always turn off the power from the switch in order to start with the work and make sure that the bulb and globe you are going to change have cooled down before you remove it.

To get additional information on changing the light bulb is available in the manual below.

Download the Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Manual

To get a downloadable copy of the PDF manual, you can use the link below to get the manual for the Armitage 52 inch Ceiling Fan.

Download the Harbor Breeze 52 Inch Armitage Ceiling Fan Manual Here

If you need the manual of 42 inch Armitage Ceiling Fan then please click the link below to visit the download page.

Download the Harbor Breeze 42 inch Armitage Ceiling Fan Manual Here

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Final Words

In conclusion, the Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan offers a very good value for the price. With over 3,300 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, you will be happy with the purchase.

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