Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals: Easy PDF Download and Instructions

Here is a list of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manuals we have put together which has a lot of popular Harbor Breeze ceiling fan models. However, the list will be updated on a regular basis as we will add more manuals to it. Please find your model from the list and click on the link that will take you to your downloadable PDF manual.

If there is an issue with your ceiling fan, the best way for you to deal with it is to contact Harbor Breeze directly so check out this article on Harbor Breeze Customer Service.

Each model of Harbor Breeze fan is designed in different finishes and sizes.

We are not responsible for the information available in each manual, we just find the manuals online and make it easier for you to download them. It took hours to find the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals listed below. At the end of the article, we have also listed answers to some common and frequently asked questions.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals

Mazon 44-in Indoor Ceiling Fan: This is a low profile ceiling fan that is ideal for cooling smaller rooms. It is available in multiple finishes including brushed nickel, white, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze. This ceiling fan is built with a LED light kit.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan Manual

Armitage Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan has two diameter options including 52-inch and 42-inch that is why you will love this fan. Flush mount design with different color options such as white, brushed nickel, matte black and bronze. Its 52-inch brushed nickel finish is the most popular one. It is highly recommended due to its quiet operation and good price.

Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Manual

Centreville Indoor Ceiling Fan: The Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan is available in different finishes and sizes. For smaller rooms, a 44-inch model will be suitable and for larger rooms, 52-inch will be suitable with finishes to make it compatible with room décor styles.

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan Manual

Merrimack Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan: Merrimack and Merrimack II ceiling fans can be used for patio as well as the room and both have LED light and remote. The larger 52-inch size is ideal for larger rooms to give better airflow. Select from Antique Bronze finish or Galvanized finish.

Harbor Breeze Merrimack Ceiling Fan Manual

Hydra 70-in Indoor Ceiling Fan: For larger rooms, the Hydra ceiling fan can generate a great airflow with its 70 inch diameter and 8 blades. Ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms. It comes with a convenient remote control, reversible airflow and integrated light kit

Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan Manual

Parklake Indoor Ceiling Fan: The Parklake fan has an elegant crystal like light kit that can become a stylish addition with its efficient 52-inch diameter make it suitable for larger rooms. It is available in a brushed nickel finish with 5 blades and 93% of the buying customers are recommending it.

Harbor Breeze Parklake Ceiling Fan Manual

Kingsbury Indoor Ceiling Fan: When I am writing this article, it was only available in Roman Bronze finish. Although it does not have a light kit, it is compatible for it. The blades are available in 52-inch diameter of size with beautiful walnut finish. Although it is packed with a pull chain to change the speed settings, it can be used with a universal or compatible remote.

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manual

Saratoga Ceiling Fan: It is available in different models that offer indoor and outdoor combinations with 48 inches and 60 inch diameters, making it an ideal choice for small as well as for large rooms. It has a lot of finishes including white, oil rubbed bronze and milky white.

Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Manual

Waveport Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan comes with a unique blade design that looks like large leaves and it has built a very good reputation in terms of generating airflow. It can be used in most room with its multiple finishes and two diameter sizes including 52-inch and 44-inch, to select from. The frosted glass light kit makes it able to provide good lighting in your room. The installation is very easy and it can complement most of your spaces with its different finishes.

Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan Manual

Fairwind 60 inch Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan: This is an ideal size to move a lot of air. Its blades display modern look with its few finishes that can complement most décor styles. As a damp rated, it is ideal for outdoor protected areas including porch or covered patio. The LED light kit makes the ceiling fan a suitable option. The most common issue with the fan is its difficult installation instructions. However, if you are good at DIY jobs then you can do it as it is overall a good unit.

Harbor Breeze Fairwind Ceiling Fan Manual

Lansing Indoor Ceiling Fan: It features three finishes to select from including brushed nickel, aged bronze and bronze. To cool down the smaller places, the smaller 42-inch diameter can be used in such areas including bedrooms. Five reversible blades and a three-arm light kit make it a unique combination. With its easy-to-install feature, a very good price tag, this ceiling fan can be the apple of your eye. It can keep your room very cool and generate a lot of air despite its smaller size. The main problem that many users got was the light kit. Some of the fan’s light kits are more likely to short, and need a replacement.

Harbor Breeze Lansing Ceiling Fan Manual

Platinum Portes Ceiling Fan: Out of different Harbor Breeze models, this fan has very low customer satisfaction in terms of ratings. It has a lot of defects and problems with its model # 8293 which include blade mounts cracks and remote issues. Although there have been a lot of problems with other models of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, you will also find a lot of satisfied customers too. Its 52-inch diameter can move a lot of air. Available in two finishes including aged bronze and matte white.

Harbor Breeze Portes Ceiling Fan Manual

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Where is the Model Number on a Harbor Breeze Fan

The model number on a Harbor Breeze fan is available on the purchase receipt, within the instruction manual or the package box, or on the top of the ceiling fan by the motor. Usually, it is a 5 digit number. This model number is necessary for you when you are looking for replacement parts for your ceiling fan.

After locating your model number, these two articles may solve your problems: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts and How Do I Contact Harbor Breeze Customer Support.

These two articles will help you to get support whether you need replacement, support for fixing or repairing for your fan or you can learn about additional information related to your ceiling fan. it is essential to get your item number. Unlike model number, it is usually a 6 digit number and you can use it rather than model number. To get better support for your ceiling fan, you can have both numbers in hand, although one can do the job.

How To Reset a Harbor Breeze Fan

To reset your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, you will have to turn off your remote and turn it on again and then push ‘learn’ button or ‘reset’ button. You will have to hold the reset button unless the ceiling fan light turns on and the fan speed level moves to medium.

This topic is covered in our post onHarbor Breeze Ceiling Remote not Working? Definitive Guide.

In short, if you have a new fan, your ceiling fan remote will have a ‘learn’ button then the process is simple. All you need to do is to press the ‘learn’ button, however, the full procedure is discussed in the article mentioned above.

If you are using an older ceiling fan then you need to change the dip switches. The dip switch settings on the remote control should be the same as the dip switch settings on the ceiling fan. Again, you will have to check out the article mentioned above to learn about it.

Why Is My Harbor Breeze Fan Not Working

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan may not be working because the wall switch is not switched on. If it is turned off, turn it on. If the electricity is off or check if the fuse has blown from the breaker then replace it from the circuit box. If it is happening due to a faulty wire connection, then turn off the power and inspect the connections in the outlet box.

Here are some steps that you can follow below to get your ceiling fan working again:

  1. First of all, check your season slide switch from the remote control to find out if it is fully engaged. If it is not fully engaged, then you need to push the slide switch to either fully right or left on the remote.
  2. Check and make sure that your wall switch is turned on.
  3. Plug an electronic device into the power socket in the same room to make sure that the power is on.
  4. Examine the fuse as well as circuit breaker to find out if it has blown. Replace it if it has blown.
  5. Lastly, you need to check all the connections in the outlet box to ensure that there are no faulty wire connections

How Do You Program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

To program your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, you will have to push the ‘reset’ button or ‘learn’ button on your remote. If your ceiling fan has dip switch settings you will have to sync the dip switch settings on your remote as well as the ceiling fan.

To find out more information about it, please read our post on Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote.

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