Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan Manual, Price & Review

Our aim was to provide you the best price, review and installation instructions for your Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan. We have included photographs and videos so you can see it in action and see the beauty of this model, which is available in a couple of sizes, housing finishes and blade finishes. Here is what we feel are the top features and price points for the Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan.

The Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan can be found on Lowes at $119.98 in 44 inch diameter version and at $174.98 in the 52 inch diameter version. Both sizes are available in two housing finishes of either white with a white blade finish or weathered bronze with a brown blade finish. It has damp rating to allow you to install it inside as well as outside on a covered patio or porch.

These are the only features that we liked about this model. To learn about Waveport ceiling fan in detail, please read on, you will also get downloadable PDF manuals and reviews too. But the first thing we will do is to have a look at other features of specifications.

Features and Specifications of the 52-inch and 44 inch Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan in both versions including 44-inch and 52-inch has very attractive blades that are shaped in a palm leaf style. This feature helps the ceiling fan to get an outdoor feel, even though it will be used indoors. It contains a light kit and the glass shade is designed from frosted glass. The damp rating helps you to install it either indoors in small to large rooms or outdoors in patio or covered porch.

Here is a list of some additional specifications of the 52 inch Waveport model:

  • The light kit has 2 LED bulbs along with a white frosted glass shade covering
  • Can be perfect for large rooms of up to 400 sq ft, generating an airflow of 2915 CFM (Cubic Feet per Meter)
  • Pull chains are available that you can use to control the speed of the fan as well as the lighting
  • Offers versatile installation for most types of ceiling. It can be used with a downrod for high or angled ceilings or as a flush mount
  • It has two finishes including white or bronze that will complement most spaces with a very coastal vibe
  • Reversible fan direction to provide cool air in the summer, or in the winter it can help you to distribute warm air evenly
  • Light kit adds a soft, warm light to your space
  • Replacement shades are available, to get Waveport ceiling fan replacement parts, you need to check out this article: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts.

Here is a list of some features and specifications of the 44 inch Waveport model:

  • The 44 inch Waveport ceiling fan is perfect for small rooms that has a size of up to 100 square feet with its 44 inch diameter.
  • This unit can also be installed on flat or angled ceiling fans with the help of a downrod or you can flush mount.
  • Pull chains are included that helps you to control the speed levels of fan from slow to fast with a total of 3 speeds. The lighting can also be controlled using a pull chain.

Let’s now learn about the opinion of home owners what they are saying about Harbor Breeze Waveport. It includes general review of what many owners are saying about it and what is our own opinion about it.

Here is Waveport fan is in action:

Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan Review

The Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan is an ideal fan in terms of functionality, appearance, ease of use and value for money. With 485 reviews it has a 4.4 overall star rating out of 5 stars and a good 85% of users are recommending this ceiling fan. Only a small portion of 9% gave it 1 star or 2 star rating.

In 85% of 4 star or 5 star rating, let’s see what are the some best features of this ceiling fan?

With a total of 85% giving the Waveport a 4 star or 5 star rating, what were some of the positive pros for this ceiling fan?

The most common compliment was about this model is its beautiful look and quiet motor. The installation was very easy with a good airflow, generating a lot of air for this size of the fan. The wiring of the fan can be done into adjustable fan switches on the wall preventing you from using remotes or pull chains if you like.

Many users found that they were able to install it within minutes and due to its two sizes it was easy to make the final decision of buying it. It has sturdy material and provides very good value for money. This fan gives you a great tropical feeling with its beautiful looks.

Now let’s have a look at the downside or cons of Waveport ceiling fan.

This ceiling fan received 1 star rating from only 1 user. The reason behind it was that the fan suddenly stopped moving giving off some smoke. When checked there was a bad connection between the wiring of the fan and light piece.

It hardly happens as it can happen because of a faulty unit or improper installation. Other than that, there was no complaint by any user. Before you install it, always check the manual for assembly instructions, it is recommended to get the installation done by a certified electrician. Please download a copy of Waveport ceiling fan manual below. To read more reviews and manuals of different models of Harbor Breeze fans, you can read our articles from: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals and Harbor Breeze Category.

Download the Harbor Breeze Waveport 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

To download the Waveport 52 inch ceiling fan, use the link below. It will take you to the download page. You just need to click the download button on that page and it will take you to your PDF copy of the manual which is free.

Download the Waveport 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual Here

Download the Harbor Breeze Waveport 44 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

To get the 44 inch Waveport ceiling fan manual, use the link below and it will take you to the download page or link.

Download the Waveport 44 inch Ceiling Fan Manual Here

Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan Installation and Assembly Instructions

To get instructions for Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan installation and assembly, you need to download the manual and read it after downloading it. It can take estimated time of more or less 120 minutes and you will have to get these additional tools in order to assemble it: Ladder, Safety Glasses, Electrical Tape, Pliers, Phillips Screwdriver, and Wire Strippers.

If you want to see the general ceiling fan installation guide, check this article: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions.

Additional tools that can help you in installation include: Do-It-Yourself wiring handbook, AC tester light, tape to measure, and wire cutters etc.

Final Words

In short, the Harbor Breeze Waveport ceiling fan overall offers good functionality, reliability and attractive looks at a reasonable price. The pull chains are usually included in older models, if you prefer you can use a wall mounted switch or a remote to control it. It generates a good airflow and can be installed inside as well as outside. This ceiling fan offers good value for money.

Here is another good quality ceiling fan, have a look at Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan – it has a good price range.

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