Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working? – Definitive Guide

If there is a problem with your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan remote control, then in this post, I will guide you on how to fix your remote or replace it with the same or universal remote, it will similar to the previous one you were using for a fraction of the price. We have spend many hours researching the most common problems with their best possible fixes and the best replacement remotes we have written this comprehensive guide below to fixing as well as replacing your Harbor Breeze remote control, so let’s go through it.

If your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote is not working then the most common issue is that an increase in power may have wiped the memory of the remotes or the batteries of the remote may need replacement. To fix them, you will have to change the remote’s batteries and re-sync it to your receiver.

This is the simple solutions but to learn about how to resync your remote to the receiver and the possible reasons of your remote control has stopped working then you need to read on. As we stated, we will also tell you how to get a replacement for it for a fraction of the price. In short, resyncing the remote needs that you should be aware that where the learn button is located and how to use it.

To make everything clear to you, I have added a few pictures and videos that can help you to find the issues with your remote and you will be able to fix them by the suggestions provided.

Where is The Location of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Learn Button & How To Resync With It?

The Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan remote learn button is available at the back of the remote control model near or next to the battery. To access the learn button, you will have to remove the back cover. The function of the learn button is to sync the remote with the ceiling fan.

harbor breeze ceiling fan remote learn button
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Learn Button

The newer Harbor Breeze Remotes are designed with a learn button instead of multiple dip switches. The remote control may still contain 1 dipswitch that you can switch to 0 or 1. If it is switched to 0 then you can use this remote within 40 feet to operate any ceiling fan.

To find a unique code for your remote and the ceiling fan that is near to it, you need to set the dipswitch to 1 and press ‘learn’. Before you do that, you have to make sure that all the fans that are nearby should be switched off, otherwise, they will also catch the unique code and this remote will be able to operate it to turn it on and off.

Now, go to another ceiling fan and turn it on, while operating it, turn off all the ceiling fans that are nearby. Use another remote and press the ‘Learn’ button and the remote will come up with a new unique code for this ceiling fan model. It is without any limitations to how many ceiling fans you can have near to you with this step.

Just keep in mind that you need to switch off the power to the fan from the mains while using the ‘Learn’ button and turn it back on. You need to ensure that within 30 seconds, you use a screwdriver or a tool that is similar to it to press and hold the ‘Learn’ button on the remote for at least three seconds. it will turn on your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and its light (if the fan is compatible with a light kit and you have installed one) will blink thrice, this indicates that the programming is successful.

If the process is failed and your remote is not programmed with your ceiling fan then try holding the ‘Learn’ button while in the meantime, pressing the light or fan speed button on the front of the remote.

How Do I Reset My Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote?

To reset your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote, you have to switch off the power then on and then push the ‘reset’ button or ‘learn’ button available under the back cover of the remote. Hold down the reset button until the light turns on and the ceiling fan runs at medium speed.

If a ‘Learn’ button is available on your remote control, follow the instructions above to sync your fan and remote if required. If your fan and remote contain dip switches then you need to choose the same combination of dip switches on your ceiling fan as well as on your remote. Generally, the process is used on older fans rather than the newer ones as the newer fans do not dip switches on them.

The newer fans are designed with a remote that does not have dip switches, in case, if they have then you need to ensure that each remote contains a different dip switch setting before you press the ‘Learn’ button. For instance, if the remote I am using has 4 dip switches numbered 1 to 4 and I set all of them to position 0, then when I turn on my fan and if it contains a light I turn the light on, I will press the learn button. When the remote and fan will be synced, the light on ceiling fan will blink thrice (3 times).

After that, I would select a new combination of dip switch settings for the next ceiling fan and remote, for instance, dip switch would be set on 1 and the rest to 0. After that, move on and program it using the same procedure of using the ‘learn’ button.

Just keep in mind that this procedure is for those remotes that have dip switches. Some of the remotes do not have them, or some have only one dip switch that you need to set to 1 and then hold the ‘learn’ button and it will come up with a unique code for every fan as I discussed earlier.

If you are not confident then read the manual that came with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan package.

We have added a video in this article that helps you on how to sync your ceiling fan with your remote if the remote contains dip switches as well as a learn button. The video also has information on how to pair a Universal Remote if it was previously paired, but you had to replace the batteries and it will not work now.

Common Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Problems & Ways To Fix Them

Below we have discussed some most common Harbor Breeze remote problems with their best solutions that you can use to fix them. We have not listed them in any particular order so you need to read the full article to find out your problem and its solution.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Light Stays On

Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan remote light will stay on if any of the buttons on the remote is stuck in the pressed position. Try to free them from this position by pressing the buttons again lightly.

If this does not turn off the light of the remote then open the remote control compartment in order to get access to the rubber buttons to ensure that the rubber contact of the switches is not in a stuck state.

If they are stuck, you need to free them up and you need to check all of them. In order to clean the contact points, you may have to use a little alcohol to get rid of any dirt or grime that is pushing the button to remain in contact with the switch. After completion, reassemble it to recheck it and see if the light on the unit has turned off.

If these methods are not able to fix the remote then you need to get a replacement remote. To learn about this, you can read the full article to get our recommendations on how to get a replacement Harbor Breeze remote.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Not Responding To Remote Control

If your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan is not responding to the remote control then it could be happening because of a loose wire inside the receiver unit, a burnt-out receiver unit or your remote needs to be reprogrammed or reset with the fan.

You can find the receiver unit within the ceiling fan housing near the ceiling. You have to turn off the power to fan if you are going to change the receiver unit, it must be done before you dismantling and reinstalling the new receiver. Even if you are going to check the wiring and making sure that all the contacts are fine, then it is necessary to switch off the power to the fan before you begin with the work, otherwise it is highly advised to get a certified electrician to do this for you.

If your remote needs to be reset or reprogrammed then you should see the portion in this article ‘How Do I Reset My Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote’ in which we have discussed this subject in detail.

How to Program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote?

To program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote, you will have to set the dip switches on the older models to match the dip switches on the fan, for newer models, you have to use the ‘learn’ button.

The process is very easy and we have explained it in detail under the subheading of resetting the ceiling fan.

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan has dip switches then your task is to use the same dip switches on the remote as well as on your fan. The ceiling fan dip switch settings are generally available on the remote receiver available on the ceiling fans housing near the ceiling.

What Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Battery Size Do You Need To Use?

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control’ battery size is an A23 12-volt battery.

The battery size of the remote will be different if you are using a universal remote. Some universal remotes for Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are made to use AAAA and some of them may be compatible with a 9 volt battery, so the best way to find out about it is by reading the manual that came with the remote or ceiling fan package.

Will a Harbor Breeze Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Work with Most of its models?

A Harbor Breeze Universal ceiling fan remote will work with most of the ceiling fans because universal does not mean all the models.

Universal remotes can be used as a replacement for ceiling fan remotes which can work for most of the brands but it will be ideal to get the universal remote from the same brand. Remotes are also available on Amazon and you need to use this term to search for it ‘Harbor Breeze Remote’ or Click Here.

Before you buy it, make sure to read the reviews and listing properly as seller will often discuss the limitations of the remote and what are the needs of your ceiling fan in detail. By doing this, you will be able to find a remote control that will work with your ceiling fan.

For instance, if you are going to get the Eogifee 35T Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacement, which is a Universal Remote compatible with Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, you would have to make sure that the original remote contains FCCID: L3HFAN35T1 or L3HFAN35T located on the back of the remote in written form or the original remote model is either of them FAN53T, KUJCE9103, FAN-35T, FAN-11T or FAN-HD5.

How Do You Get a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Replacement?

The first place is to read this article as we have listed some Harbor Breeze replacement remotes, after that, you can check it on Lowes (the main distributor of Harbor Breeze) and Litex Industries (the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze). You can learn how to contact both Litex as well as Lowes by reading this article on: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

My recommendation is to check our recommendation we found on Amazon using the term ‘Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes’. It will show you a lot of options which are universal.

Your duty is to read the descriptions of the seller first in order to ensure that the remote will be compatible with your particular model of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. The cost of the remote is very reasonable on Amazon and you will be able to read the reviews to get extra help. They will also let others know their story whether the remote was working fine with their model or not.

If you are not able to do that, go to Lowes website to check if they have the replacement remote for your fan. It has a downside and upside, the best part is that it will be original but a bit more costly than we mentioned the options in this article. However, when I did search on Lowes, they have a limited range of replacement remotes.

As the last resort, if you are not able to locate the right remote control, the next step is to call the Litex Industries, the manufacturer. After making a call to them, I found that they will be very useful for you. To get the full contact details, read our article here: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts

Is there a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote app?

Yes, you can download the Harbor Breeze remote app from any app store that will help you to control your fan with your smartphone.

You will have to get a Bluetooth remote or get a Universal remote that work with it and it will work and you will be able to connect it to your smartphone.

Here are our handpicked Universal Remotes

The smartphone and remote will program so you can control your ceiling fan. We have also provided universal remote below that supports Wi-Fi and it is smart enabled.

It will help you to make your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan smart and this smart fan control will help it to become WiFi enabled and controllable through remote.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote app can be used to change the speed as well as control the light with your smartphone.

What Is a Harbour Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Kit?

A Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote kit comes with a remote control as well as a receiver that you can insert into the ceiling fan housing to make it usable through the remote.

Read the seller descriptions in order to find out which remote kit will work with your ceiling fan. You can also use these remote kits to make your ceiling fan remote control even if it is not remote controlled now. But to make it perfectly right, you need to ensure that you are getting the appropriate kit and read the seller requirements too.

Here is one of the best Universal Ceiling Fan Remote and Receiver Complete Kit

To learn about what accessories can be used with your fan, read this article: Harbor Breeze Accessories which allows customization.

How To Install a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Control

When you will open the ceiling fan canopy there will be 3 colored wires available. The black wire goes with the power, the white one is the neutral wire and the blue wire will go to the light to power it. A remote control receiver can be attached to these wires too.

Safety Precautions Before You Begin

A word of caution, if you are not an expert then we would suggest hiring an electrician to make the wire connections for you.

Before you get started, the first step is to ensure that the power is turned off to the fan. The power must be switched off from the breaker.

Lets Go

First of all, remove the screws with care that are keeping the ceiling fan canopy in place. After removing them, you will be able to see the wiring of ceiling fan with the hanging bracket that is fastened to the electrical box of the fan.

Now You Will Have to Identify the Wires

Find the wires that are white in color and connect to the ceiling fan’s electrical box. Pull them apart in order separate these two white wires. Untwist the white wire from the electrical box to disconnect them. The same procedure should be repeated with the black as well as blue wire. You will also see a green wire, do not disconnect that one.

The wires inside the fan’s canopy will be of white, blue and black in color and the new receiver will have the same color wires. The receiver will also show the labels that can help you to identify the wires such as the motor wire, neutral wire and lighting wire.

You will see a white, black and blue wire on the opposite side of the remote receiver that you will connect to the corresponding color available on the electrical box of the fan.

Connect The Wires

Match the electrical box wires and the receiver wires. You have to match all the wire colors and you need to use a wire connector for every pair of connected wires. In the end, the last thing you need to do is to connect the white and black wires on the remote receiver to the same colored wires on the fans electrical box. After connecting and matching all of them, you can put the remote receiver behind the ceiling fans bracket.

Test the Ceiling Fan and Remote

Put the ceiling fan canopy back with screws. Switch on the power in order to test that your ceiling fan is working. If it is working, the next thing you should do is to test the remote.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Are Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes Universal?

Yes, Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes are universal if the ceiling fan comes with a receiver. The remote control receiver kits are also available to purchase in order to upgrade your non-remote ceiling fan.

How Can I Turn on My Fan Without a Remote?

To turn on a ceiling fan without a remote, you can install a pull chain onto the pull switch on the motor. The pull chains are easily available at local hardware store.

Where is the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Model?

The Harbor Breeze model number is located on the ceiling fan motor. You can also find the model number on the inside cover of the remote control where the battery is inserted.

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