Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Manual, Reviews, Pricing, Installation & More

The Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan is a popular fan model manufactured by Lowes.com.

Although currently unavailable on Amazon, you can still get it at Lowes. The Saratoga fan is offered in two different sizes: 60 inches and 48 inches. Additionally, there is a variant known as the Saratoga II, which is part of another collection and features a 60-inch fan diameter.

The Harbor Breeze Saratoga 60-in Ceiling fan features two finishes, brushed nickel and white available at $209, and the Saratoga 48-in Ceiling fan comes in oil-rubbed bronze and milk-white finishes available at $169.98. The Harbour Breeze Saratoga II 60-in Ceiling Fan features oil-rubbed bronze finish and retails at $209.98 and the milk-white finish retails at $199.98.

When I am writing this article, Harbor Breeze Saratoga II 60-in oil-rubbed bronze, Harbor Breeze Saratoga II 60-in milk-white, and Harbor Breeze Saratoga 48-in milk-white are the models from the collection available in stock. The rest of them are not available.

Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Features/Finishes

Item PictureFinishes/CollectionModel NumberItem NumberBlade FinishesAvailability
Harbor Breeze Saratoga 60-in Brushed Nickel00885698388Non-Reversable/CherryNot in Stock
Harbor Breeze Saratoga 60-in White00886698389Non-Reversible WhiteNot in Stock
Harbor Breeze Saratoga 48-in Oil Rubbed BronzeL1902883772Non-Reversible/ AuburnIn Stock
Harbor Breeze Saratoga 48-in Milk WhiteL1902-MW3415244Non-Reversible/ ElmIn Stock
Harbor Breeze Saratoga II 60-in Oil Rubbed BronzeL19031090752Non-Reversible/
In Stock
$ 239.98
Harbor Breeze Saratoga II 60-in Milk WhiteL1903-MW3415245Non-Reversible/ ElmIn Stock

The price and availability that we have listed above are based on the data from Lowes.com

The Harbor Breeze Saratoga II 60 inch model comes with two finishes rubbed-bronze and milk-white, and the prices can be different as per model as we have shown in the table above.

The Saratoga II is the new model in the Harbor Breeze Saratoga collection. This unit has options to provide upgraded performance that most homeowners would prefer to get for their places. With its AC motor, it has improved itself which helps you to relax in the hot days of summer. It also has a mid-body flywheel that features the finishing of five hand carved made blades made from wood that boost the design as well as its performance.

The Saratoga II 60 inch is the perfect choice for extra-large rooms, as it has an airflow that can generate a lot of cool air and will work well in large areas. The three-speed settings of the unit help you to control the airflow as per your needs. The maximum airflow it generates is up to 6,372 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) along with an average airflow of 4,603 CFM and breeze is gentle in nature while remaining at the minimum speed level.

This model is designed with an integrated LED light kit which indicates that you do not have to change the light bulb. The white linen globe glass fixtures give an attractive look to this fan because of the illumination effects it gives. As you can see this unit is ideal for indoors.

But do you have any idea that it is a damp-rated ceiling fan? Yes, you can use it in covered areas including patios and porches. This model can be mounted on a flat ceiling or angled ceiling along with a 4.5-inch downrod which comes with the package if you have a high ceiling.

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Harbor Breeze Saratoga Remote Control

Harbor Breeze Saratoga Remote Control

The Saratoga Ceiling Fan comes with a remote control. The remote is built to make the operation easy. The center button on the remote control is used to turn on or off the ceiling fan. If you want to enjoy a natural breeze effect just push the natural breeze button, you can stop this feature by changing or clicking any of the other speed buttons. The 6-speed levels help you to adjust the speed as you like.

What I found interesting about it is the home shield feature, it creates an illusion that someone is home while you are out for work or dinner. You can activate the option by pressing the home shield button, to confirm that the home shield feature is on, a light will blink two times. It will turn on the light randomly for 5-20 minutes then it turns it off on its own for 60 minutes and then turns on again for 5-20 minutes. You can press any other key from the remote to deactivate it.

The walk away delay feature is another special feature that can be used when you want your fan and light to turn off after you are walking out and turn on before you are entering the room.

I personally liked the sleep timer feature of this model. It helps you to turn off the fan for 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours. As we have already discussed above, this model also contains a reverse switch. What is the purpose of this option? This feature can be used in colder months, to activate it, you need to press the reverse switch to the snowflake icons by sliding the button to the right side. This will move the air to upward and pull down the warm air from the ceiling. You need to keep in mind that you must stop the ceiling fan first before you change the setting.

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Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Manual

This ceiling fan manual is in PDF format which you can download, to download it, click on the link below. You will need a PDF reader in order to view or read it.

Download the Harbor Breeze Saratoga II Ceiling Fan 60-in Brushed Nickel/ White Ceiling Fan Manual Here

The fan is also available in a 48-inch size with its own manual. To download the 48 inch manualplease click on the link below.

Download the Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan 48 inch Manual Here

How To Install The Saratoga Ceiling Fan

To install the Saratoga Ceiling fan, you need to watch the video below.

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